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Dr. Lee A. Ecker and Associates have been whitening teeth for over 20 years for people residing in and around Denville, NJ, Randolph, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Using the latest technology, we can whiten your teeth for that “Hollywood smile”. Not only will your whiten teeth enhance your smile, but it will help reverse the aging affects of brown, yellowed teeth! Have that beautiful smile you deserve quickly, easily, and affordably.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

by Lee A. Ecker, DDS

What Makes Teeth Discolored?

Several factors affect tooth discoloration. The most common are eating and drinking items which can stain teeth such as coffee and berries. Using products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco can also cause teeth yellow extensively. This discoloration can usually be treated by the dentist with surface whitening. However, sometimes the staining is inside the tooth. This can be caused by a trauma to the tooth, taking specific medications for an extended time, and having a root canal performed. In these cases, the application of a crown or veneer or deep internal bleaching will be necessary to address stains.

How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

The dentist’s office would never use treatments which have not proven to be safe. The practice uses only proven, certified teeth whitening techniques so that we can make sure patients receive the best possible results without any unwanted after effects. Tooth sensitivity has been reported after the procedure by some patients, however, it should not last long and should also be minimal.

What is the Zoom Whitening Procedure Like?

The first thing the dentist will do is examine the person’s teeth for any indications of damage or decay. If decay is found, decay will need to be removed by placing a filling or restoration advised by the dentist.If the tooth is damaged a different option may be used such as a veneer. When whitening teeth, a specially designed, light activated gel made with hydrogen peroxide coats the teeth. This gel interacts with a dental lamp to deliver results. To ensure that each tooth has the same amount of gel on it and is exposed to the light evenly, the patient’s lips are held back with a retainer. The process takes less than an hour. When finished, the gel is cleaned off and the lip retainer removed. Results should be visible immediately.


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