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Partial and complete dentures can be a very esthetic and affordable alternative in replacing teeth. Our dentists at Dr. Lee A. Ecker and Associates have over 30 years experience in making gorgeous dentures for our patients throughout the Denville, NJ, Randolph, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Using the latest technology and materials, we can change your old, unsightly, ill-fitting clasped dentures with beautiful, natural looking dentures.

Dentures/Partial Dentures Q & A

by Lee A. Ecker, DDS

What are Dentures? What are Partial Dentures?

Full dentures are used to help patients who have lost all of their permanent teeth. They are secured with adhesives or anchored to dental implants. Partial dentures are used when only some of an individual’s permanent teeth are missing. They are either secured using clasps or precision attachment.

What are Flexi-Partials?

Flexi-Partials are flexible, partial hypoallergenic dentures made from a bendable, lightweight material. These are designed to provide added comfort. This form of denture does not use metal clips and the area in fact completely metal-free. Several shades are available and have been created to match the surrounding gum tissue.

When Will the Dentures Be Ready?

Fabrication will take some time because the dentures will be made to fit the specific person. However, the dentist customarily provides patients with a set of temporary dentures to be worn in the meantime. If dental implant installation will be performed, this process is lengthier since the implant posts need to fuse with the jawbone to ensure the foundation is stable enough to hold the denture. These patients will also be given temporary dentures to wear while they are waiting for theirs to be made. 

How Soon Will My Dentures Feel Natural and Comfortable? 

How quickly a person feels comfortable with their dentures depends on what type was used and the person as well. Traditionally, partial dentures are easier to adapt to than a set of full dentures. Furthermore, dentures anchored by a dental implant are largely more comfortable than those held in place with adhesives. Some people also get used to their dentures quicker. To make sure that you get used to your full or partial dentures as quickly as possible, dentists encourage patients to follow the specific instructions and wear the dentures as often as was instructed. To assist your gums and tongue with getting used to the feel of dentures, attempt to read out loud. After roughly two weeks, most people are comfortable with their dentures.


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