• What's the True Value of Cosmetic Dentistry ??

    by Dr. Lee A. Ecker
    on Apr 12th, 2017

What's the True Value of Cosmetic Dentistry ??


How often do you see an individual who is " dressed to the nines" - a gorgeous dress, a tailored suit, great shoes --- a real "10". But then they smile and their net worth drops closer to a "2" !! Everyone wants that stunning smile, but genetics isn't always on our side. Now, through cosmetic dentistry we can have the smile we have always wanted !


Cosmetic Veneers- 1 ) Can make crooked teeth look straight

                               2 ) Can fill in all of those unsightly gaps and spaces

                               3 ) Can give you that " Hollywood white smile


Invisalign ( Clear Braces ) - 1 ) Can straighter your teeth and give you that gorgeous smile you've always wanted

                                             2 ) Can correct and straighten your teeth if they relapsed after wearing braces as a child

                                             3 ) Are virtually invisable and very esthetic to wear


Whitening ( Deep Bleaching ) Can whiten teeth that have stained with age or medication and give you that beautiful, youthful white smile again !!


Whether you are 25 or 75, who couldn't benefit from a beautiful smile ! Especially in the workforce, a beautiful smile give you confidencs and a greater             self-worth.




Author Dr. Lee A. Ecker Cosmetic & General Dentistry

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